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Corporate Guidelines


  • Permanent valuing of staff with a focus on skills, commitment, motivation and meritocracy.
  • Working environment that values the coordination, cooperation and constant dialog between departments and hierarchical levels.
  • Ongoing search for proper organizational, physical and technological structures supported by an appropriate administrative, budgetary and financial autonomy.
  • Financial education as an essential tool for the strengthening of the capital market.
  • Coordinated efforts with public and private, national and international institutions in the search for greater efficiency in regulatory activities, registration, supervision, inspection, sanctioning and education.
  • Technical, independent, speedy and transparent work that is guided by ethics, efficiency, balance and legal security of decisions.
  • Execution of function with a focus on market needs and its evolution, in line with international standards, and based on the participation of society, including via public hearings.
  • Work based on investor protection, on broad dissemination of information, and on monitoring market risks and financial stability, also with the support of self-regulation.