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International Cooperation & Information Exchange


Cooperation Agreements

Currently the majority of information exchange with foreign regulators is based on the provisions of the IOSCO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (IOSCO MMoU). A residual part is based on bilateral MoUs and other bilateral agreements. As for the type of cooperation, there are:


Bilateral Agreements    Multilateral Agreements


Consultations/ Visits

The CVM answers to technical consultations of foreign regulators, as well as organizes technical on-site visits. Those visits are usually requested by emerging market regulators aiming to promote and enhance local capital markets. 


Fit & Proper Information – Due diligence requests

Fit & Proper requests aim to assess an institution’s or person’s standing and history. It is usually requested prior to registration with a foreign regulator.


International Investigations

CVM’s Office of International Affairs acts primarily as an interface between the offices of international affairs of the foreign regulators and the relevant CVM departments in matters involving international investigations and enforcement activity.